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Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. Working in this field surrounded by pregnant mamas and newborns, I came across of lots of interesting facts about pregnancy that are pretty amazing.

Interesting Facts About Pregnancy

  • Your feet may grow up one size. This happens due to the excess of fluid
  • Your heart also grows. It works harder and also beats at a more rapid pace
  • Cravings can mean something more. If you are experiencing ice and salt cravings could mean that your body is lacking in a certain nutrient
  • Your uterus expands from the size of a lemon to a watermelon
  • Your joints soften. In order to prepare for birth, your body produces a hormone called “relaxin”
  • Your sense of smell is stronger. You will easily dislike smells that are just fine or undetected by people around you
  • Your skin colour may change during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I developed a “pregnancy mask” which gave me a tanned appearance
  • Women who have had heartburn during pregnancy are more likely to have babies with lots of hair
  • Tall women are more likely to have twin babies
  • “Pregnancy brain”, not just a myth. Did you know it is because of a lack of oxygen? Pregnant women have less oxygen traveling to the brain which may cause forgetfulness.

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