Planning the newborn photo session | Surrey Newborn and Family Photographer

If you had a chance to meet me before, most probably you know that I am very much a planner. Especially when it comes to newborn photo sessions.

Preparing the equipment, the props, backdrops, accessories, etc. before welcoming the client is important.

Planning the newborn photo sessions | Surrey Newborn and Family Photographer

Beside setting all the items out, I am planning each step. The order in which the set ups are going to be used, the break for feeding, the lighting.. Everything is carefully planned hours before you arrive in the studio. Planning each pose and the workflow will reduce the movements to keep the baby nice and sleepy.

I like to know before the session is if you are interested in having a large print for a specific area in the house or a photo album. This way I can shoot so the colours match the interior of a specific room in your house or I can visualise each page of a particular album.

After the studio is sanitised and acclimatised, the womb sound playing and all the accessories laid out, it is the time for the session:

  • I start with taking the baby’s clothes off and ask the mother to feed him as soon as he is ready.
  • After, we will wait for the necessary time so the baby goes into a deep sleep. This also helps avoiding the reflux.
  • Once the baby is nice and sleepy, we can have some shots with the family and the older siblings. If this is not necessary, then we can go straight to the bean bag. Then I start photographing your baby in the adorable sleepy and curly poses.
  • Before I start photographing the baby in the props, I will suggest a “tummy break”. Of course, the tummy break can happen any time the baby needs it.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my studio for an experience like no other!

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