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As a newborn photographer in Surrey I hear from clients and friends how they have not even printed their images years after their wedding. Why would you have a photo sessions without printing the beautiful results? As we all know the digital files are easy to loose or damage. Printing your portraits will last for generations to come.

Newborn Photographer Surrey

Below I listed a few ideas of what to do with your digital after your photo session:

  • Folio boxes/Albums. These days the traditional album can be a beautiful folio box with matted prints on your coffee table. A classic way of saving your memories with a modern touch.
  • Gallery wall. I truly believe every house should have a gallery wall. This is a great way of adding character to your own home. I love mixing the images with different sized frames, fine art portraits and quotes. The gallery wall will look great in the nursery of your baby. Make sure you tell your photographer about the colours in your baby’s room to make sure the photographs will match with the design you choose.
  • Fine art portrait. Having one large portrait in your home is not only beautiful, it’s a piece of art. This could be the first thing your guests will see when walking into your home. For this I love canvases for vintage or acrylic for a contemporary look.
  • Woodblocks. For a different approach to printing, I choose the photo blocks. Printing on wood is timeless and will look great decorating any wall or a desk.
  • Birth announcement/Christmas cards. You can use one or more photos from your newborn  session to announce the arrival of your new baby to the world. The prints will also look great on Christmas cards.

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