The Value of Professional Photography | Professional Baby Photographer Surrey

The Value of Professional Photography | Professional Baby Photographer Surrey

It is fair to say that we are in the digital age.  Most of us have a camera in our hands all day in the form of a Smartphone. So, taking snaps of your newborn has become a daily habit. However, I am a firm believer that a professional photographer can offer more than just a quick snap.  My view is that, a newborn photographer in Surrey, like myself, can enhance the journey you take once your baby makes his or her entrance into the world.

  • Creating a Scene

When I flip back through some of the snaps I took on my mobile, when my little one was first born, my eyes are drawn away from my darling to the ironing pile and general chaos that overwhelms any home with a newborn resident.  Going to a professional photographer gives you the chance to escape into my haven. Or as it is otherwise known, my studio.  Here we can create some stunning backdrops that ensure the focus of the pictures is simply your baby, you and any other family members that attend.

  • Clever Lighting

One of the biggest fears I hear, from mummies of newborns, is that they do not feel at their best.  Sleepless nights, the aftermath of labour..  But, as a baby photographer in Surrey, creating smart lighting is also part of my job. You are one beautiful mama, no matter what you feel on the day! The light can help you see just how gorgeous you really are. We can hide the bags under the eyes and bring colour back to your cheeks.

  • Sharing my Experience

Have you ever been to a friend’s house and seen a fantastic portrait photograph? You can clearly see that it was created in a studio.  I have a myriad of ideas for creating the perfect picture for your newborn.  I have a vast collection of props and have spent time learning how to safely and gently pose newborns to create beautiful, simple yet timeless images.

Finally, remember that your snaps are precious, but statistically, big prints in your house will look amazing if takes professionally. You deserve to create some visual memories of the family and baby together, and that I can help you with.

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