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Some of the most common questions I hear, as a newborn photographer in Auckland, relate to what clothing people should wear. It is an issue that causes new mommas a whole lot of stress. I really want to dispel these anxieties and put your mind at rest. You can pretty much wear anything, and below I will explain why this is and how I haven’t completely lost the plot.

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What to Wear for Your Newborn Photography Session: Simple and Classic
A Magical Time

Newborn photography, in Surrey, is designed to be a truly magical experience. I want to help you capture these fantastic memories forever and give you some pictures you can treasure and share with loved ones forever. That does not mean reality goes out the window. A newborn shoot happens within a few weeks of the birth, sometimes even days. I know that parents often feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Just a short time ago you experienced the miracle of birth and discovered it’s not so glamorous. And mummies can feel self-conscious, sore, tired, and often weepy. Firstly, I want to reassure you that lots of people think this way, and I have an epic supply of tissues on hand, and plenty of tea and biscuits. Secondly here is my advice on clothing and what to wear. Simple and classic wins every time.

Simple and Classic

So, my job as a baby photographer in Surrey is to weave some magic and leave you smiling every time you look at your pictures. There are several ways this can be achieved. One of the most appealing shots are skin to skin contact – so what you wear is not important. The timeless beauty of baby nestled against the bare skin of their parents is not only breathtaking, but it is classic and simple. To achieve these shots, all we need is a crop top or belly band to make mum feel comfortable and we are good to go. Whether you prefer a colour print or I present it as black and white, this is always a fantastic shot for you to treasure. But obviously, the aim is to create an incredible portfolio, so, what happens next?

Be Comfortable

There is no point trying to fight your way into a top that you have never worn. I suggest picking something simple, white vest tops, plain t-shirts (maybe for both mum and dad) or your favourite maternity top. After all this is all about that time. The focus of the shoot is highlighting the amazing life you have created and the new place this little bundle of joy holds in your family. Clothes are just something that I can make blend into the background. Instead, the focus is on those tiny hands and feet. That little button nose and those bright eyes, or the face of sleeping angel if that is how it ends up being. The most significant thing I want for your photo shoot is a relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

Siblings Matter Too

If you have older children attending the shoot, then the same advice really applies. Let them be children. There is no point dressing them up into suits and ties. If you want a photo of a formal nature, we can get them changed for that one shot. Consider pale colours, creams and whites are always a classic look. If the older siblings match, I can dress the scene to ensure that we achieve the perfect ‘aww’ moment. I have all the accessories in the studio that can be used to set the stage. Plenty of blankets and other soft fabrics to keep baby comfortable and warm. Having a couple of tops is always a great idea as we know that newborns can be unpredictable, and mess happens. We are well equipped to deal with occasional potty accident, so please don’t stress.

In Summary

In the run-up to your newborn photography shoot try not to stress about the clothing. You can wear whatever you like. Even if you don’t want to face getting dressed that day, I promise to work around that and still offer you some fantastic images. You do not need to worry about hair or makeup, after all, you are the parents of a newborn. Simple and classic is all about presenting the real unwrapped you, the loving parents and, of course, the reason we are all together, your amazing newborn baby. So, come as you are, bring whatever you feel you want in the photos and I promise to help you create the magic.

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