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Many of the clients are surprised when they find out that newborns need to be photographed in the first two weeks of life. Of course to many this seems too soon, a bit strange and difficult to leave the house just after having a baby. I can assure you all this is for a good cause. In order to get all the gorgeous images of your baby delicately posed sleeping in buckets or curled up like in a womb-like pose, we need to meet and have the newborn session in the first two weeks after birth. This ensures that you will receive in your gallery adorable images like you see on my website.

Why Are Newborns Best Photographed Under Two Weeks Old?

  • When a newborn is first born, they sleep many hours. While sleeping, baby is flexible and happy so we can pose them in all these cute positions.
  • The variety in your gallery while posing a sleeping baby. A happy and sleepy baby allows us to get the most out of your gallery and your investment. And you would want to remember this period of time exactly how your baby was. Tiny and sleepy.
  • Awake newborn babies cannot really focus. I always try to get some awake shots of the baby but the truth is that their focus is almost always a bit off. Also, this stage only lasts a few minutes before the baby starts crying.
  • When a bay is awake, it cannot be safely posed in buckets, crates, etc. Surprisingly, newborn babies are strong and can easily kick themselves off something. Newborn babies must be safe and supported at all times.
  • After three weeks, it is not impossible but it is quite hard to get more complex poses and colic might begin.

To sum up, a newborn session under two weeks old is less stressful for everyone and we can get gorgeous images of your baby.

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