Your Newborn Baby Deserve more than a Photography

There are a lot of people who want digital images. And many photographers like to provide them because they are easy and quick and they don’t cost much, especially if they are delivered online. Digital images have their purpose. I also like to provide digital images for the same reasons listed above. It is great to have a back up somewhere there in the computer or in a drawer. But this should not be all.

As a client I understand that this can be really intimidating. You don’t always know where to print, or what size, or the difference between the different products or paper types, crop ratios or which products are going to fit your home and lifestyle. I take care of all of that. At your portrait ordering appointment, I will guide you through the process and show you choose the products that will work best for your family.

Not sure if you want or need products? Come for a no-obligation studio tour prior to booking. See for yourself how stunning your baby will look on your walls or coffee table. Contact me today to schedule a studio tour or to book a session. Email me here: marinela.malherbe@yahoo.com

See your baby!! Print your portraits!!

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